High Ridge Gardens
                                                  artists' retreat and bird sanctuary
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The Collection

Over the years, Mary Erickson has bought, traded and been given paintings. Focusing on plein air painters, impressionists, and contemporary realists, and believing that these artists are the Monets, Renoirs, Sargents and Fechins of our time, she plans to leave the collection as a whole, within the estate of High Ridge Gardens. In addition to an extensive library. Some of the artists currently represented in the collection are:

Daniel Ambrose

Jon Arge
Maia Baynes
Roger Dale Brown

Jane Chapin

Dan Daly

Gary Davis

Dee Beard Dean

Donald Demers
Rudy Dengel

Charles Dickinson

Mary Erickson

Kim English

Bill Farnsworth
Elaine Hahn
Marc Hanson
Mona Verona Hearne
Kathleen Crane
Greg LaRock
Don Maier

Diane Mannion
Terry Mason

Matthew Peak

Scott Powers

John Seerey-Lester
James Richards

Hodges Soileau

Morgan Samuel Price

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